Saturday, March 31, 2012

Stephanie Meyer to continue "Twilight" with new four-book series? (SPOILERS)

Guys, I came across this tonight and just HAD to share it with everyone.

Word has just dropped that Stephanie Meyer, the author of the "Twilight" series, will announce soon that she plans to release four more books in the "Twilight" series over the next four years.

The first book, "Midnight Sun", is the completed work that was so infamously leaked in 2008, in which the original events from the first book are retold through the eyes of Edward Cullen, the vampiric soulmate of Bella Swan. (Source).
"Writing chapter one, "First Sight," from Edward's point of view was an exciting experience; I actually had my pulse racing as I typed. When I finished, I was truly pleased with my creation. Here was the other side of the story that no one knew. Here was the truth of what Edward had been through."

The next book, previously unannounced, will be titled "White Nights", and will pick up the story of the Cullen's and Jacob as his love with Renesmee deepens. Follow along as Jacob fights back his urges in her presence, as they share the same longing glances that Edward and Bella enjoyed during their courtship.

A misunderstanding over Jacob's relationship with Renesmee forces them to leave drizzly Forks behind and travel North to Edward's Alaskan hideout, where the sun  only briefly descends beneath the surface of the horizon, hidden from sight much in the same way as Jacob and Renesmee's romance must remain hidden from a livid Charlie Swan, who has threatened Jacobs life.

The next installment, "Harvest Moon", chronicles the aftermath of Charlie Swans heart attack and death. The stress over Jacob, Renesmee, as well as the remainder of the Cullen clan is believed to play a part in his early demise. His fury is so great that his spirit is not allowed to rest, and he returns as a spirit to haunt his family. The Cullens must adjust for their omnipresent kin, and also deal with a shadowy reaper that has been sent to "harvest" Charlie for his introduction to heaven.

Finally, the conclusion that all of Meyers fans have awaited patiently for a decade, "Equinox" will tell of the mysterious destiny of Jacob and Renesmee's love child, Billward. The child grows even faster, and is even stronger than Renesmee was. Renesmee dies during childbirth, and in his greif, Jacob begins to wonder if his new progeny may have been born to serve a darker purpose.

Over time, Billward grows to resent his werewolf father, and during a chance encounter with a Volturi spy, is informed that the Volturi believe that he may be the "Beast" whose birth was prophesied to "level the playing field" with the humans and usher in an age where werewolves, vampires, and the like take their rightful places at the top of the chain of command of the human race.

Jacob and Edward must fight together to destroy their own and restore equilibrium, the balance that existed prior to the birth of Billward. They manage to destroy Billward, and fight off the Volturi, though Edward is killed in the fight.

After a year of mourning, Bella and Jacob discover that their love is the one constant through it all, and are married in a Spring Ceremony.

And then.......

Everyone discovers that today is April 1st, and you have all been had! APRIL FOOLS! Thanks for reading along. Now pass it on, and prank someone else! 



Erin W. said...

Haha I couldn't stop laughing! I think I prefer this series than the real thing. haha. Great post!

Cheryl S. said...

Awesome!!! As I was reading, I was thinking "hmmmm...her (Stephanie) imigination is running a little wild isn't it?" lol

Great prank! Thanks for the laugh.

DMS said...

lol- It is way past April Fool's Day- but you totally got me. I am cracking up now. I was thinking- wow this post was written a while back and I haven't heard anything about this. Thanks! :)


J H Myn said...


Awesome! Just followed you :))

J.H. Myn

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